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Year in Review: 2022

Year in Review: 2022

For most of us, 2022 has been another year of change. At Ronald Abram, we’ve had one of the most transformative years in our brand’s history.

It began with the redesign of our website, the launch of our first ever e-store and a comprehensive re-brand. The response from our clients old and new has been overwhelming. Thank you for your warm and considered support of our family and our business.

Since the relaunch of our website, we’ve set out to share with our clients and friends what we know and love about diamonds and gemstones, about our approach to jewellery design and stone selection as well as advice to help you become better, more savvy collectors.

We’ve covered the value of having a family jeweller, the romance of antique cushion cut diamonds, the value of signed versus unsigned estate jewels, how to build a collection of rare, collectible pieces and the secrets found in diamond certificates.

One of the reasons we’ve been invested in sharing this knowledge and expertise, is to empower the next generation of collectors who value transparency and are particularly mindful of making long-term, sustainable acquisitions. For our established clients, it’s also about cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting legacy and we’re proud that after all these years, we still work with the same families, generation after generation.

Speaking of history, next year marks our 35th year at The Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. It’s an auspicious anniversary as it also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the hotel. Anyone who has visited Hong Kong knows that The Mandarin is itself a landmark here, an iconic part of the city’s culture and heritage. We are thrilled to be joining in celebrations for the hotel and look forward to a number of big surprises planned.

For us, 2023 will be a year of renewed travel and reconnection with clients old and new across the globe. For those of you unable to visit us in-salon, we are planning a series of international trunk shows to showcase our latest pieces.

Next year, we’ll also be releasing some highly anticipated new pieces from our popular Mosaic and Concentrica collections as well as introducing some magnificent high jewellery creations. For our gentlemen collectors, we’ll also be adding new designs to our extensive cufflink range.

In terms of industry change, there will likely be challenges ahead; rare, collectible stones are certainly becoming harder to find. Now more than ever, clients will be relying on our experience as advisors and active traders to make these acquisitions.

We are often asked where we stand when it comes to the direction of the market. It’s true, there has been some pricing volatility this year in both diamonds and gemstones but less so for the finest stones in each category. You just have to look at the jewellery auction results this year and some of the record breaking sales achieved. Now, more than ever, we believe in our stones and are confident in the market long term. As professionals, we will continue to identify opportunities and look forward to offering these collectible, rare jewels to our clients.

As always, our door is open. If you require any help or advice, please let us know. We have loved working with you this year and hope that in 2023 we can see you all in person.