Design Philosophy

At Ronald Abram, our philosophy can be summed up in two words, beauty and patience. This is reflected both in our desire to collect only the finest and rarest stones and in our promise to create pieces that are as timeless and they are beautiful. 

Quality is a function of time, skill, & materials & Truly beautiful pieces require all three.

- JJ Abram

Our Stones


Years of experience in dealing in precious jewels ensures that only the most desirable stones pass through Ronald Abram’s discerning hands. Each stone in our collection must adhere to stringent measures of both quality and cut.

Our Metals


Precious metals are the framework of a piece of jewellery, they protect and give structure to the artwork within. At Ronald Abram, we take that framework as seriously as the gemstones they house.

Our Tools


We use both traditional and state-of-the-art tools to create each one of our timeless pieces. As part of that commitment to quality, we don't use tools at the end of their cycle, ensuring consistency across our entire collection. 

responsible and ethical

Diamond sourcing

At Ronald Abram, we are committed to responsible and ethical diamond sourcing practices.

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Ethical metal

Our suppliers only offer certified precious metals which are sourced from strictly audited mines.

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At Ronald Abram, we maintain a strong commitment to recycling. 

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As a brand, we value meaningful relationships and are driven by passion, truth and sincerity.

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The stages of creation

Visit our workshop and discover how our pieces are created

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