Collector's Corner

Introducing The Concentrica Collection

Concentric Captivation

Celebrating the wondrous geometry and beauty of Art Deco comes the magnificent Concentrica Collection. Stunningly handcrafted with both baguette and round diamonds, the contrasting pattern in these earrings is both contemporary and striking.

Available in six different colour combinations, the Concentrica Collection blends ruby, emerald and sapphire gemstones with the scintillating allure and brilliance of diamonds.

Like the approach to all our pieces, we wanted to create the most desirable arrangement of stones & colour, each one a distinct representation of femininity

- JJ Abram

Bold & Feminine

A design project twelve months in the making, the Concentrica Collection was an incidental design achievement. The design emerged from the initial stages of another signature Ronald Abram earring, the Carousel.

“Sometimes you go looking for a design and sometimes it emerges”, says JJ. “You have to be ready to act when that happens and have the confidence to go for it.” 

The brand’s Paris-based creative team was given a simple brief, to come up with a design that was bold, geometric and striking. It had to appeal to all generations of collectors and be suitable for everyday wear. The result is a collection that is both modern, timeless as well as uniquely Ronald Abram.

The Concentrica Collection is one of several that mark the beginning of a new design direction for the brand. These new pieces reflect Ronald Abram’s ongoing desire to create designs that reflect the evolving tastes and lifestyles of its clients; collectable jewels, made to be worn.