Passion & precision

In the heart of Central, Hong Kong lies our state-of-the-art atelier. It's here where our talented team of artisans combine decades-old skills with modern techniques to create lasting pieces worthy of collection. Like everything at Ronald Abram, each step of the design and creative process is carried out with both passion and precision. 

Stages of the craft

of the

Our approach to making jewellery is the same as our approach to choosing stones, it has to be perfect. Our craftsmen are also given all the time they need to realise that vision. One angle that can be improved, one measurement that can be adjusted in order to create a timeless, beautiful piece.

Stage 1
The Stones

We study our gemstones carefully, only selecting the stones which are best suited for that particular design.

Stage 2
The Design

Our talented designers carefully study the unique qualities of the stones to determine the ideal shape and character of the piece. Several sketches and ideas are considered before a final design is selected.

Stage 3
The Measuring

Before they begin work, the craftsmen inspect and measure the stones.

Stage 4
The Realisation

The designer’s vision is brought to life by laying out the diamonds on wax to physically replicate the proportions of the design sketch.

Stage 5
The Fabrication

Our master craftsmen begin by handcrafting the piece using modern and traditional tools to create each ring component.

Stage 6
The Construction

Our craftsmen assemble the ring by soldering each component together using a jeweller's torch.

Stage 7
The Refinement

During the refinement process, the craftsman clean any impurities from the metal and shapes the overall outline of the ring.

Stage 8
The Setting

Our gem setters melt the wax, creating a seat to firmly house the ring before gently bending the prongs over the centre stone.

Stage 9
The Polishing

Our polisher uses his tools to polish and buff the piece, enhancing the bright lustre of the platinum and gold. The polishing removes all hairline imperfections.

Stage 10
The Final Clean

We use a specialised steam machine to remove any dirt or residue from the ring. The machine produces one hundred pounds per square inch of steam creating a powerful blast.

Stage 11
The Final Check

A member of the family does the final inspection ensuring all the stones are secure, the surface of the metal is blemish free and the structure of the ring is sound.

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