The truest expression of
your individuality

There is nothing more personal than having a piece of jewellery designed and created exactly as you envision it. At Ronald Abram, the process is both collaborative and rewarding.

It always begins with a conversation. First, to understand the client's vision as well as to discern their lifestyle needs. We then take that direction and blend it with our design experience. As we like to say, that's when the magic happens.

Creating a
Bespoke Piece 

A bespoke piece is a design tailor-made to your tastes and lifestyle. Over the decades, we've created many such beautiful pieces including a pair of Pigeon's Blood, Burmese Ruby Carousel Earrings. Discover how this magnificent design came to life. 

We place a lot of emphasis on harmony & balance. The essence of beautiful jewellery is not only how it looks, but how it makes you feel.

- JJ Abram

Building your

Where passion and experience meet

For years, we've been providing expert advice to our clients about how to build their collections. Find out the key question we need to ask before we get started.

Snow drop

The story of a truly exquisite,
one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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