Distinctive charm
& character

Antique cushion cut diamonds are arguably the most sought after by collectors and is our brand’s preferred cut of diamond. The allure of this cut comes from its charming faceting and rich, dispersive characteristics.

These diamonds were originally handcrafted without the assistance of modern technology, allowing for each stone to have its own distinctive character. The hand cutting technique allowed for the creative and artistic abilities of the cutter to shine through each stone, giving these diamonds their own personality.

In Antique diamonds we seek a connection with the past and to
create our own
sense of history.

- JJ Abram

Fire, charm
& beauty

The block-like patterns of light produced by these diamonds are another signature characteristic of the antique cushion cut in contrast to the needle-like dispersions found in modern diamonds. Their overall fire, charm, beauty and proportion are what make these diamonds unique and are reminiscent of a by-gone era.

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Classic appeal

Originally cut by hand, antique diamonds have become increasingly rare. Displaying a soft glow that retains their classic appeal and sought after by diamond and history connoisseurs alike, they recall a by-gone era of romance and intrigue.

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