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Many people don’t associate colour with diamonds, but they do naturally occur in all colours of the spectrum. When a diamond’s colour falls outside the "D-Z" grading, it becomes classified as fancy coloured. 

Diamonds come in wide-ranging hues, from canary yellow to peacock blue to bubble gum pink. The most commonly occuring fancy colours are yellow and brown.

Fancy colour are very rare, especially compared to white diamonds. For every fancy coloured diamond, there are ten thousand white diamonds. From the limited number of fancy coloured diamonds available, there are few which can be considered of exceptional quality. 

Vibrant Intensity

Vibrant Intensity

White diamonds are graded on the absence of colour, while coloured diamonds are categorised by their presence of colour.

For easy reference, the diagram shows the scale of saturation. At Ronald Abram, we tend to carry the higher saturated variety - known as “fancy intense” or "fancy vivid" - which are rare and extremely desirable.

Captivating colour & Breathtaking Beauty

rare &

Unlike white diamonds, the cut, weight, and clarity are not as important as the colour. In fancy coloured diamonds, colour takes precedence over everything else. As an example, a smaller diamond with a higher saturation can be more valuable than a larger diamond with less saturation.

Clarity in coloured diamonds is also not as important as with white diamonds. For instance, two fancy intense coloured diamonds of comparable sizes - one having a slightly lower clarity grade than the other - will not vary considerably in price.

In terms of cut, other than an emerald cut or round brilliant cut which are priced higher, most fancy coloured diamonds in all other cuts are similarly priced.

Coloured diamonds are a beautiful alternative to white diamonds. At Ronald Abram, we have a large selection of coloured diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

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