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At Ronald Abram, we deal exclusively in Colombian emeralds. Their rich saturation, provenance and history make them the world’s most desirable emeralds. It's taken many decades to curate this collection which is unsurpassed in beauty, vibrancy and quality.

Ronald Abram

A perennial point of inspiration for our collection of Colombian emeralds comes from early on in Ronald Abram’s career. During the 1970’s Ron’s visits to Colombia sparked his passion for emeralds which continue to inspire him today.

Treasured Jewels

The warmth and rich, intense vivid green colour of a Colombian emerald is unmatched. Their perfect saturation and unique vibrancy allows for all their wondrous attributes to be on full display.

Old World

At Ronald Abram we believe that in order to create something exceptional, you must have the mindset of a collector. It demands patience. Sometimes it takes years to bring together the right stones for us to create a piece which makes us truly proud.

Featuring an Exceptional 23.31 carat Emerald Cut Old Mine Colombian Emerald, with no clarity enhancement.

The vibrant green of a Colombian emerald is more than a colour, it's an emotion.

- Ronald Abram

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