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A New Design Direction

The Evolution of Modern Jewels

Here at Ronald Abram, our brand has recently taken a new creative direction as we continue to respond to the ever-changing design needs and wants of our clients. Evolution is crucial for any business, particularly for heritage brands such as ours, whose reputation has been built on timeless design. But we’ve also seen an increase in creative feedback and bespoke requests since the launch of our e-salon last year, and the result has been the birth of a captivating and contemporary new offering.

The Design Imperative - appealing to the Individual

For three generations, the Abram family has been an established name in high jewellery and rare and precious stones, and our design aesthetic has taken much from eras such as Art Deco. But we also believe strongly in creating pieces made to be worn which has been the main driver behind our fine jewellery collections, celebrated by clients young and old. 

In fact, with each passing year, our client base has become younger, more cosmopolitan and more design-aware. Their brand loyalty isn’t fixed and they’re more likely to acquire pieces that speak to their individual design preferences. Today, there’s more room to explore that individuality with the idea of bespoke and tailor-made designs now the new norm. That said, clients also want to acquire pieces that are brand identifiable and that’s where the challenge has been for the brand in creating these new designs; to come up with pieces that are modern, wearable, and also reflect the Ronald Abram design aesthetic. The outcome has been a range that’s distinctly feminine and elegant and exudes confidence. 

Something old, something new 

Ronald Abram has long been known as a jeweller who always starts with the stones but this year that philosophy has evolved along with the brand’s designs. “You have particular clients in mind when you’re designing jewellery,” says JJ Abram.

We know how they live, what they do, what they wear and this year’s collections reflect their tastes and lifestyle in more apparent ways.

- JJ Abram

This year, we began with the very popular Mosaic earrings, one of the most distinctive designs in our new collection. Intricate and asymmetrical, the eye is drawn to each stone which appear to be almost floating. From there, other designs were born, designs that take their cue from the traditional cluster and droplet patterns but with a much more contemporary look and feel. Like the Mosaic, spacing is prevalent to showcase the intricacy of these creations and allow each stone to radiate. 

While the cluster earring is iconic to high jewellery, the brand’s updated version provides a stunning fine jewellery alternative. In terms of inspiration, Art Deco can still be seen but again it’s been molded and softened to create an innovative and accessible look. 

Of course, some designs are still stone-led. “We’ve just finished a magnificent pair of diamond earrings featuring antique cushion cut diamonds, a signature stone at Ronald Abram,” says JJ.“But this time, we used these antique diamonds within a modern setting to create a brand new, one-off and exclusive design.”


Evolution not revolution 

The Ronald Abram brand has also evolved beyond design, taking into account the way clients now prefer to view and acquire new pieces. This evolution has helped broaden the brand’s creative team internationally and we’re reaping the benefits of having a variety of experienced voices to help shape our new approach. In terms of design, JJ Abram says while it’s important to maintain brand continuity, change is just as important. 

"With each generation, there’s a need to adapt to new market drivers and conditions."

A lot of the things I do mirror my father’s approach but I also have my own creative vision. That’s how the brand will stay fresh and relevant for generations to come.

- JJ Abram

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