Diamond Sourcing

Diamond mine

At Ronald Abram, we are committed to responsible and ethical diamond sourcing practices. As part of our pledge to help remove conflict diamonds from the supply chain, we only work with diamond partners who adhere to the Kimberley Process. We feel a deep responsibility to uphold the principles outlined in this scheme to help shape and support a transparent global diamond trade. As such, we also have in place our own due diligence practices to ensure each diamond that comes into our atelier has been legally mined.

Nonetheless, we understand that this also requires a commitment from each party in the global supply chain process which is both complex and difficult to monitor. While we strive to only work with partners who adopt the Kimberley Process, we understand that there is a responsibility on everyone’s part to live up to these standards. Click here to read more about The Kimberley Process.

Ethical Gold & Platinum

Ethical metal

Our suppliers only offer certified precious metals which are sourced from strictly audited mines or that have been recycled in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner.



At Ronald Abram, we maintain a strong commitment to recycling. This includes repackaging plastic to send back to our supply partners and where possible using recycled or recyclable packaging.



As a family-run company, we are focused on nurturing and supporting our talented team of designers, craftsmen, salon and back office staff members. This means fostering a culture of excellence and encouraging each team member to reach his or her potential. As a brand, we value meaningful relationships and are driven by passion, truth and sincerity.



Ronald Abram has spent more than forty years supporting charitable causes both in Hong Kong and around the world, contributing to those charities we believe have a positive impact on the lives of those most vulnerable and on our planet.