The essence of beautiful jewellery is not only how it looks but how it makes you feel.

- Joyce Abram

Made to Be Worn

The Ronald Abram fine jewellery collection is about enduring beauty for everyday wear, classic and contemporary pieces that take you wherever you want to go.

From stunning diamond hoop earrings to gemstone bracelets and coloured diamond pendants, our legacy is in creating jewellery made to be worn.

Arresting silhouettes, alluring designs and the finest stones, that's what you'll discover in our Fine Jewellery collection. Make it yours.

Fine Jewellery

Our stunning collection of Fine Jewellery Rings features a range of classic and contemporary designs that are functional as well as beautiful.

Fine Jewellery

Dramatic chandeliers, iconic drops and contemporary hoops, our coveted Fine Jewellery Earring collection is a celebration of style and form.

Fine Jewellery

Whether worn individually or stacked, there is an elegant sense of refinement to our Fine Jewellery Bracelets, timeless treasures made to be worn.

Fine Jewellery

From captivating gemstone pendants to scintillating diamond chains, our Fine Jewellery Necklace collection reflects our obsession with look, fit and feel.

Gentlemen's Rings
Fine Jewellery

Our Gentlemen's Fine Jewellery Ring collection is a celebration of elegance and distinction, featuring modern and timeless styles adorned with your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone.

Eternity Rings
Fine Jewellery

A symbol of lifelong love and committment, the Eternity Ring is also popular as a standalone statement ring, designed to be worn every day and for every occasion.

The art of fine jewellery is in creating beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime.

- Ronald Abram

Our Legacy

Ronald Abram's reputation has been built on offering only the finest and rarest stones, in our promise to create pieces that are as timeless and they are beautiful. That is our brand legacy.

Treasured through time

Ronald Abram is a family business built on passion, integrity and tradition. We believe that jewellery isn't purchased, it's collected, a lifelong journey best made with family by your side.