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12.66 carat Square Emerald Cut Ceylon Sapphire and Emerald Earrings

Featuring a pair of 6.48 and 6.18 carat Square Emerald Cut Ceylon Sapphires
with a pair of 0.77 and 0.72 carat Pear Shape Colombian Emeralds

Product Reference 10277

We believe that there should be a distinct sense of  refinement in each detail of  our pieces.

- Ronald Abram


Adored for their sublime beauty and rich hues, sapphires are as elegant as they are enticing. From seductive deep blues to vibrant pinks, the splendour of a sapphire's colour is transcendent.

Kashmir Sapphires

Ronald Abram prides itself on its collection of Kashmir Sapphires. The rarity and provenance of these stones mean they are highly sought after and are a collector's dream.

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