Worthy of Collection

As guardians of treasures and legacies for three generations, Ronald Abram is a name renowned for extraordinary gems, timeless designs, and masterful craftsmanship. It’s that artistry, passion and pursuit of perfection that ensures every Ronald Abram creation is worthy of collection.

High Jewellery

When you see a Ronald Abram high jewellery creation, it's unmistakable. There's a level of beauty, distinction and refinement that is unique to our brand.

Fine Jewellery

The Ronald Abram fine jewellery collection is about enduring beauty for everyday wear, classic and contemporary pieces that take you wherever you want to go.


Each Ronald Abram engagement ring has been expertly designed and hand crafted. Explore our range of cuts from traditional round and emerald cut to our preferred cut, the antique cushion cut.


Ronald Abram cufflinks are impeccably crafted for the modern man. Our distinct selection includes a wide range of both classic and contemporary cufflinks from bejewelled and hand-painted to precious metal and enamelled.

Estate Jewellery

Ronald Abram has a strong affinity for estate jewellery, particularly from the Art Deco period. It has also inspired much of the design ethos of the brand. Art Deco inspiration can be found throughout our salon as well as in our estate jewellery collection which we have curated over the past 50 years.