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Introducing Our Latest High Jewellery Piece: The Old Mine Diamond Necklace

Introducing Our Latest High Jewellery Piece: The Old Mine Diamond Necklace

Highlighting the character, charm and romance of Antique Cut Diamonds, Ronald Abram presents the stunning Old Mine Diamond Necklace from its high jewellery collection. 

Composed of rare, antique cut diamonds, this 120 carat masterpiece has become a signature of the brand.

"A necklace like this goes beyond the standard conception to execution design process. In order to achieve a piece of this standard, we had to wait eight years to collect all the stones,” says Ronald Abram.

It was an iterative process. Collecting the stones necessary to build such a piece is almost impossible today. After several years of waiting, they decided to disassemble more than a dozen pieces from their stock and use those diamonds to finally complete the piece. 

Old Mine Diamond NecklaceIt’s a process that underscores Ronald Abram’s reputation as the collector’s collector. 

"My father will tell you, you cannot build a piece like this unless you’re a collector yourself. As a high jeweller, even if you have the capital, you probably don’t have the patience to wait nearly a decade to create a single piece. That’s just one of the reasons this item is so special.”

The salon gates at Ronald Abram
Once they had all the stones, it took several months to design this stunning piece. Notably, it’s complemented by a baguette diamond horn component that joins the double and single strands. The horn is a design feature at Ronald Abram and can be seen in its magnificent gates at the entrance to the brand’s Art-Deco inspired salon.

“We’re very proud of this piece. All the stones are colourless which is quite rare for antique cuts,” says Ronald. “The arrangement is perfect, the workmanship is impeccable, and the diamonds are spectacular, particularly the way they’ve been cut.” 

A pair of matching 14 carat earrings was also created to accompany the piece.

14.46 carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

This is only the third time the brand has been able to create a riviere necklace with antique stones over the past 30 years and it’s unlikely we’ll see another one soon.

“Today, stones like this are becoming more scarce and there are few jewellers who would go to the trouble of creating a piece like this,” says JJ. “Finding that many stones again will be virtually impossible. We were fortunate in that we already had several of these antique stones in our collection.”

The Old Mine Diamond Necklace is available for private viewing.