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The King of gemstones

Known as the king of gemstones and the gemstone of kings, the ruby has long been celebrated as one of the most desirable of the precious gemstones. A symbol of both passion and desire, the bright and lustrous red hues of this prized gemstone have a power and a mystique all of its own. At Ronald Abram, we deal almost exclusively in Burmese Rubies. Celebrated for their radiance and rarity, the fabled beauty of Burmese rubies is unparalleled.

a long family

The Abram family has had a long association with Burmese rubies. Starting from Simon Abram who was considered to be one of the preeminent gem stone dealers of his time. Noted for dealing in the most exceptional gemstones, he was known in the industry as the "King of Burmese Rubies.”

Beauty comes to life

Outstanding precision and skill combine to bring each Ronald Abram piece to life. Our dedicated designers and craftsmen have spent decades refining their technique which artfully blends traditional methods with modern tools. The result is a beautiful and ageless sophistication that has become the Ronald Abram trademark.

Rarity & beauty

The pigeon's blood hue is the most sought-after of all the ruby colours. It's fire and brilliance are unparalleled in the ruby world as seen here in this magnificent 12.02 carat Cushion Cut Unheated "Pigeon's Blood" Burmese Ruby Ring.

“One of the most outstanding examples of a so-called ultra-fine Burma Ruby.” - Stephen Hofer

The beauty of Pigeon's Blood Burmese Rubies is unparalleled.

- Ronald Abram

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