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Fancy Coloured Diamonds are the rarest and most sought after stones by collectors and connoisseurs. Their remarkable beauty and colour are like no other, a wondrous reflection of the majesty of nature.

Remarkable Rarity

Captivating and mysterious, rare fancy coloured diamonds have a distinct character all of their own. Our exquisite collection has been meticulously curated under the watchful eye of Ronald Abram, a name synonymous with collectable, rare jewels.

Once in a lifetime

Decades of experience as rare jewels specialists means Ronald Abram can recognise and appreciate stones of remarkable rarity, some of which appear once in a lifetime. Each of these prized treasures has made an unforgettable impact on Ronald Abram’s proud heritage of exceptional jewels.


This 7.34-carat, emerald cut Fancy Vivid purplish pink Internally Flawless diamond is one of the most important stones to have graced our collection. From the famed Golconda mines of India, long since exhausted, this diamond is also a highly desirable Type IIa, a characteristic of the best Golconda stones that are blessed with an additional limpid clarity. The diamond was cut more than 300 years ago and has never been modified, adding to its intriguing character.

What we’re looking for is rare & it takes time to find the perfect stones, yet we’re prepared to wait.

- Ronald Abram

Majestic Pink

Fancy vivid pink diamonds are among the most revered of earth's treasures. Subtle and delicate, they are unmatched in beauty and unrivalled in rarity.

Beauty comes to life

Outstanding precision and skill combine to bring each Ronald Abram piece to life. Our dedicated designers and craftsmen have spent decades refining their techniques which artfully blend traditional methods with modern tools. The result is beautiful and timeless sophistication that has become the Ronald Abram trademark.

Heavenly Blue

Often compared to a heavenly azure sky and evoking majesty, blue diamonds are some of the most fabled stones in our history. Representing less than one percent of all coloured diamonds, their scarcity is prized.

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