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Symbolising both royalty and romance, the sapphire has solidified its place as one of the most sought after of all the coloured gemstones. At Ronald Abram we are drawn to these magnificent stones for their spectrum of wondrous blue hues, from warm pastels to rich royals and cornflower, each with its own charm and distinct character.

JJ Abram

Jonathan ‘JJ’ Abram proudly continues the Ronald Abram story of excellence and tradition. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he grew up in a world surrounded by exquisite gems and renowned collectors. Today, he oversees a brand that blends its heritage past with its modern future.

Design Ethos

Our approach to design is based on a fundamental truth that jewellery should draw inspiration from the stones. That intangible connection between jewel and design is how we achieve harmony and balance in every piece. Our collection of high jewellery sapphires draws on the majesty of these magnificent stones and elevates them through the elegance our designs.

Provenance &

Our collection of Kashmir sapphires is among some of the world's finest. The rarity and provenance of these stones only adds to their mystique and brilliance. Discover why they're highly sought after and a collector's dream.

There's beauty to be found in sapphires from every origin but at Ronald Abram, we have an affinity for Kashmir Sapphires.

- Ronald Abram

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