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20.56 carat Pear Shape Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Featuring a pair of 10.54 and 10.02 carat Pear Shape "Royal Blue" Ceylon Sapphires
with 5.35 carats of Pear Shape and Round Brilliant Diamonds

Product Reference 11170

We believe that there should be a distinct sense of  refinement in each detail of  our pieces.

- Ronald Abram


Adored for their sublime beauty and rich hues, sapphires are as elegant as they are enticing. From seductive deep blues to vibrant pinks, the splendour of a sapphire's colour is transcendent.

Kashmir Sapphires

Ronald Abram prides itself on its collection of Kashmir Sapphires. The rarity and provenance of these stones mean they are highly sought after and are a collector's dream.

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