Cherished pieces
will last lifetimes

Your jewellery is something to be treasured, admired, and passed down. With the right care and attention, your cherished pieces can last lifetimes. Proper care starts with being aware. As a rule, you should refrain from exposing your pieces to soaps, hand sanitisers, lotions and perfumes to maintain the integrity of your jewellery and their lustre.

What’s the best way to clean my jewellery?

We’re often asked about the safest way to clean jewellery. Follow the steps in the video for guidance on how to hold, clean and dry your jewels. 

Remember, high and fine jewellery should be cleaned with care to maintain the integrity of gemstones and prongs.

How often should I clean my jewellery? 

You should clean your jewellery as often as you think is necessary. Remember, if you wear high or fine jewellery daily, they will be exposed to dust, dirt, lotions, soaps as well as natural body moisture. 

In between cleans, use your Ronald Abram microfibre cleaning cloth to help loosen dirt and remove any debris trapped in the settings and on the stones to help restore lustre and shine. 

Jewellery is unique in that with proper care & cleaning, it can always be restored to it's original beauty.

- JJ Abram

Is it safe to clean all types of gemstones?

The cleaning method outlined in our video below is suitable for diamonds, rubies and sapphires and across all jewellery types. Emeralds are a softer gem and should not be exposed to any kind of liquid and should only be cleaned with our Ronald Abram microfibre cleaning cloth. 

Note, the best way to get your jewellery cleaned and checked is by a professional jeweller. At Ronald Abram, we offer a lifetime complimentary cleaning service and look forward to welcoming you into our salon.

What do I need to get started?

You’ll need two bowls of water, one with dishwashing liquid and one with fresh water, both at room temperature. Plus, a soft-bristled toothbrush, a lint-free chamois, a hairdryer with cold air function and a Ronald Abram microfibre cloth.

This cleaning method prevents any type of watermark or streaks on your jewellery.

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