Ronald Abram is a family business built on passion, integrity & tradition.

Our creative visions come to life under the expert techniques of the brand's master craftsmen, whose work reflects our dedication to timeless quality and inherent beauty. It's an approach borne of passion and attention to detail and refined over many decades. The result is magnificent pieces worthy of collection.


Time is at the heart of everything we do from selecting our stones to designing and creating magnificent pieces. 


It's here where our talented team of artisans combine decades-old skills with modern techniques to create lasting pieces worthy of collection.

Understanding Jewels

An important part of our work here at Ronald Abram is passing on our knowledge and expertise to our clients. We believe it’s important to have this foundation before beginning on your collection.

The 4Cs

Each diamond has its own characteristics that make it unique; cut, carat, colour and clarity, known as the 4Cs, are the standard by which all diamonds are graded.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are a signature of our brand. These fancy coloured stones come in a range of hues and saturations and are a popular choice for both ladies and gents from engagement rings through to cufflinks. 

Kashmir Sapphires

Ronald Abram prides itself on its collection of Kashmir Sapphires. The rarity and provenance of these stones mean they are highly sought after and a collector's dream.

Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

No two diamonds are alike and that is particularly true of Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds. Find out why they are the Ronald Abram preferred diamond cut.

Our guides

As a client of Ronald Abram, we are there to guide you every step of the way from selecting and fitting your piece to helping you care for and maintain your collection. 

Cleaning Guide

Your jewellery is something to be treasured, admired, and passed down. With the right care and attention, your finest pieces can last lifetimes. 

Care Guide

Understanding how to care for your jewels is an important part of owning and maintaining a collection. This includes how best to handle and store your jewellery, as well as how to prevent any unexpected damage.