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Ronald Abram’s estate collection has been tastefully curated over the past 50 years and since then, our brand has taken its rightful place as one of the oldest and pre-eminent dealers of estate pieces in Asia. Recently, we’ve added several new acquisitions to our collection that include both signed pieces as well as unsigned jewels from different periods. 

JJ Abram is responsible for curating the brand’s estate collection. Both he and his father, Ronald have a distinct passion for the Art Deco period, as well as retro and mid-century modern, and their impeccable taste and vast knowledge of these eras draws collectors from around the world. 

“Estate jewellery has always been a part of our offering but given the resurgence in popularity of estate pieces from these eras, we are concentrating on developing these collections further,” explains JJ. “Both new collectors and connoisseurs have used the past few years to educate themselves about estate jewellery."

The type of inquiries we’re getting reflects this newfound passion.”

- JJ Abram

Like any new acquisition, when pieces arrive they are thoroughly examined for authenticity, wear and damage. If needed, they are then repaired or restored. In this case, every piece in this latest series of acquisitions was in perfect condition, which is rare. Among them, four brooches from four different periods, all revealing the majestic artistry of that time. 

Antique and vintage aficionados and collectors have long appreciated the versatility of a brooch, the many ways it's been worn through history and the way it’s making a modern-day resurgence. Today’s estate jewellery collectors are wearing brooches in multiples on a lapel, on the shoulder of a cocktail dress, in their hair, on the back of a deep V-gown, or artfully placed on the neckline of a sweater to look like a floating necklace. They can be dressed down on denim jackets or, in the case of an Art Deco clip brooch, worn on both sides of the lapel, or collars of a white shirt. 

Natural Pearl and Diamond Brooch

The shell motif was popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras (19th century) and that marine theme is reflected in this magnificent piece. The organic lines of this brooch are complimented by a natural pearl, set into the centre of the silver-topped, gold setting and adorned with old cut diamonds.The pearl has been authenticated by the Swiss Gemological Institute and is slightly cream with rose and green overtones.

Diamond Ribbon Brooch

This diamond ribbon brooch, circa 1930, is set in platinum with mixed cut European and traditional cut diamonds. This is a splendid example of how the jeweller was able to imitate the design lines of a fabric ribbon, with structured loops and flowing ends. It’s a romantic piece that gleams with just enough character to allow the woman wearing it to radiate.

Diamond Fan Brooch by Boucheron

One of Ronald Abram’s fortunate finds is this diamond fan brooch set in platinum and 18-carat white gold, another style from the Art Deco period, circa 1930. This particular fan brooch is by Boucheron, one of the most revered houses of the time. Like many pieces of this era, the brooch mixes different cuts of gemstones in an angular shape with both round and baguette cut diamonds and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Boucheron. 

Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring by Cartier

Continuing withthe Art Deco theme, comes this captivating 3.30-carat old mine cut diamond ring with old European cut diamonds and emeralds, set in platinum. At this time, Art Deco began to shift away from an all-white, diamond and platinum look and became influenced by the vibrant coloured gemstones of Asia and the Middle East, following its popularity at Cartier and other legendary houses. This is an impeccable example of a ring from this time period in which Cartier was an innovative force. 

Diamond Floral Earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels

These old mine cut diamond floral earrings set in platinum, circa 1944, by Van Cleef & Arpels are evocative of Spring time. These hypnotic, jewelled flower earrings feature round, antique cushion-cut and baguette diamonds. An illustration from the Van Cleef Archives and letter of authenticity both accompany the piece.

Bird Brooch by Mauboussin

During the mid to late 20th century, creativity reigned and the use of different mediums predominated. This Mauboussin bird clip in 14-carat yellow gold and platinum is adorned with diamonds, enamel and coral and is an example of this evolution. It is signed and numbered and dates to 1969. Only one piece was ever created, which increases its collectability. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Mauboussin.

To view any of these pieces in our collection, please contact us to arrange an in-person or video appointment.